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Fashion Friday: New Fremont vintage stop, locally-made wood iPhone covers and a peek inside Guesthouse

Fridays before long weekends are always especially sweet, aren’t they? We’re adding to that happy, fuzzy Friday feeling with three new finds we are obsessing over: Read more »

Behind the Scenes of our June Issue: Ice-cream Headaches and Heady Debates

Ice cream cones
It's just work, work, work here at Seattle mag, especially when there's ice cream to be vetted

Our editors are still recovering from GelatoGate 2011, the week-long orgy of ice-cream eating that preceeded our June issue (on newsstands today). Our award-winning and downright awesome food editor Ali Scheff made the picks, our fantastically talented art director Sue Boylan called in the props, and then it was ice cream everywhere for two weeks here at SeaMag. Read more »

Music Fests! Cocktails! Our Top To-do's for Memorial Day Weekend

Strawberry Shortcake
Lorna Yee shares her recipe for strawberry shortcake, Seattle style.

Northwest Connections at SIFF Read more »


How to Poach an Egg

Cynthia Lair

(A taxing meeting for Cynthia)
Consider purchasing eggs from pastured hens at one of Seattle's farmer's markets.  Eggs rasied in fresh air with access to greens, bugs and worms produce specatular eggs that are far superior nutritionally.  The flavor is dazzling.  In this video Jane demonstrated The Joy of Cooking method of poaching the incredible edible egg. Vortex required.  Read more »


Bicycle Diaries: Gearing Up For Urban Commuting

Roddy Scheer

Check out REI bike guru Julia Trippel's urban=commute-ready rig and why she loves it...