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Bicycle Diaries: Essentials for Bike Commuting

Roddy Scheer
bike commuting

Here are Greg's "essentials" for bike commuting:

"I was thinking about some of the "essentials" for bike commuting.  It's easy to find the list of the best lights or the best jacket or the easiest panniers, but here are some of my tricks for making bike commuting routine a little easier (or I should say my tricks for not allowing myself to talk myself out of bike commuting).  Read more »

Bicycle Diaries: Shopping for Groceries on Your Bike

Roddy Scheer
My $65 haul from the Farmer's Market.

As part of my ongoing series this month on urban bike commuting, I have pledged to do all my grocery shopping by bicycle. With a couple of tester panniers from Seattle-based Detours to help distribute my load, I am ready to roll. Read more »

Bako, A Modern Cantonese Restaurant, Coming to Broadway in October

The Jade Pagoda, the long-lived but eminently cheesy Chinese place that lived on Broadway until it was shuttered a few years ago, was never about the food.

No, it was the kitschy digs, the waiters dressed up in shoddy sailor suits, the bad (but strong!) cocktails that called to us…it was an experience. And the food was about as bad as you’d expect. But like the Twin Teepees (may they rest in peace), the Pagoda was a neighborhood icon. Read more »


Fashion Friday: Seamless in Seattle live presentations, new swimwear + Pariscope Studios’ trunk sale

Pariscope's innovtative zipper necklace

Good morning! I’m spending this (sunny) day sitting on the judging panel for our annual Seamless in Seattle competition, and I can’t wait to see what our 12 finalists have brought for show and tell. Follow me on Twitter for the inside scoop (and some great fashion) today. Read more »

Creamy Asparagus Soup

(Benjamin Franklin amuses Jane)
A revitalizing dairy-free  soup using fresh, local asparagus, cumin and dill.  Perfect for spring. For printable recipe click HERE. Read more »