Another Cat Cafe Coming and More News

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| Updated: November 27, 2018

Great news for those of you who love the furry companionship of a feline friend: Seattle’s second cat café is coming to Capitol Hill, as reported by Seattle Refined. Owner Caitlin Unsell, a native Washingtonian, realized the purpose and draw of these establishments when she resided in Japan and Vietnam, far away from her own cat. Unsell says that "cats have an innate ability to connect with people and there is no doubt that spending time with them can make you feel good. Creating a community space where humans and cats can relax and co-exist is great for all of us." Sounds like she's on to something.

Using her extensive restaurant experience and the knowledge she gained from visiting many Japanese cafés, Unsell plans to open Neko Cat Café (‘neko’ means cat in Japanese) this spring. "Because I got my inspiration from Japan I want that to show throughout the cafe; from the snacks to the decor, to the retail items for sale," Unsell says. The kitties will have their own “catarium” next to the actual café portion of Neko, adorned with all sorts of feline furniture and toys (see the design concept here). Unsell told Seattle Magazine that "I knew that if I was going to open a Cat Cafe that it would have to benefit the animals in a huge way. Making the cats adoptable is a great way not only to help alleviate over-crowding in shelters but to give the kitties a platform to show off all they have to offer." To ensure this, most of the 10-15 cats will be available for adoption.

So, if you’re feeling down, craving a cuddle or just find yourself in need of a drink with some cats (alcohol will be served), make plans to visit Neko when it opens this spring. 

The First Hill Streetcar is up and running—finally. After a slew of delays, this two-and-a-half-mile line, which was developed as an alternative to a risky underground Link light rail station, is open for business. Currently running as part of a “soft” opening, the streetcar will be free for the next couple weeks until the grand opening (still TBD).

Seattle could regulate AirBnB rentals. KING 5 reports that Tim Burgess and the Seattle City Council are looking into how the popular rental service is affecting the availability of the city’s strained long-term rental market. In response, AirBnB released a report detailing the massive financial contributions its service has provided to the city and to its hosts.



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