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A remodeled family room marries form and function

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A remodeled family room marries form and function 

Faced with a young family’s typical domestic disarray, a Bellevue couple decided on a family room update for their 1970s home that blends form with function. 

Suzanne Zahr Fleming, of ZDS Architects, with whom the couple had worked previously, created a space that is both fun and functional for three young children, as well as being reflective of their parents’ eclectic art collection and love of playful textures and compositions. Nathan Hartman of Kerf Design was recruited to build the architect-designed signature wall system that richly mixes exotic Black Limba veneers with flashes of bright lime-green laminate shelving. Designed with everyday use in mind, the cabinets handsomely house toys, photo albums, office supplies and an ingenious pivoting piece that can swing out to become a work or play surface. Completing the wall play is a balancing “L” of blackened steel that strikingly surrounds the cabinets and a flatscreen TV.

Architect: Suzanne Zahr Fleming, ZDS Architects, Seattle; 206.937.6937;
General Contractor: Schultz/Miller, 822 John St., Seattle; 206.281.1234;
Cabinetry: Nathan Hartman, Kerf Design, Seattle; 206.954.8677;
Steel design: Brian Constans, Precision Artworks, Seattle; 206.714.7014;
Interior design: Gary Henderson, Henderson Kelly; 206.343.4330;
Size: Approximately 250 square feet
Completed: Summer 2006