Area: Fremont's New Green Townhouse Development

Fremont's new housing development spells magnificent G-R-E-E-N
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Seguing from bike trail to natural food market aisle without breaking a sweat. That’s the kind of organic urban ease that is the lure of living in Fremont. 

Adding to Fremont’s green appeal is a new, award-winning, 4-Star Built Green-certified project, the in-fremont town houses (3615 Phinney Ave. N, Seattle). Starting with the demolition of the site’s previous structure, all reusable materials were salvaged for other projects, the development has sought to leave an oh-so-light carbon footprint. Not to over populate, there are only five homes clad in cedar rain screens and drought-tolerant landscaping. Inside eco touches include natural daylighting, which is maximized via floor-to-ceiling windows (bonus, each three-level house has two balconies), a stylish flooring mix of polished concrete, bamboo and tile, all with high-efficiency radiant hydronic heating, and kitchens outfitted in Energy Star appliances. 

In a neighborhood this walkable, you might not even need to use the electric car plug-ins in the garage.

Project: in-fremont town house
Architect: Stefan Hampden, AIA, CAST architecture; 206.256.9886;
Builder: Don Ewing, Albion Group
Units: 5 
Size: 952 to 1,607 square feet
Price: Approximately, $500,000 and up 
For more info: visit
Unique features: A cost-saving heat-recovery ventilator system that delivers fresh, warmed air throughout the homes, which are also solar hot-water ready.