Area: Where to Find a Gorgeous Green Table

Give your home a touch of natural beauty with green piece of wooden furniture
Cedar Flare coffee table

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They play host to our meals, our stacks of books and magazines, sometimes to our feet, and to conversations raucous and intimate. The hunt for the perfect table can be maddening, however, especially if your tastes run to the green. We found five fabulous tables made from locally salvaged wood. 

The new sustainable collection at Area 51 (401 E Pine St., Seattle; 206.568.4782) features tables by local artisans fashioned from all sorts of reclaimed sources, including dilapidated houses, downed maples and dismantled boats, such as the Mahogany Boat Wood Table ($495). One Earth One Design’s (14300 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle; 206.418.8120) circular Carver Dining Table ($2,400–$4,500) comes in a range of finishes, including amber and java, and sports an eye-catching pedestal base. In addition to custom services, Meyer Wells (1600 W Armory Way, Building 269, Seattle; 206.282.0076) offers a stunning array of modern lines, such as the Brower Dining Table ($6,600), from the Modern Roots Collection, that makes a bold statement with its stained salvaged wood top and steel base. Have a sentimental attachment to a tree at the end of its life? Urban Hardwoods (4755-c Colorado Ave. S, Seattle; 206.766.8199) can turn your diseased or in-danger trees into one-of-a-kind treasures. The patterns of decay actually define the design of the piece, says owner Jim Newsom. “People continue to ask me, ‘Who designs your furniture?’ Pretty much, nature.” Mother Nature’s flair is on full display in Urban Hardwoods’ Cedar Flare Coffee Table ($3,100) and Madrone West Seattle Desk ($5,200).