Top Docs '10 Profiles: Kathleen C.Y. Sie

Posted December 15, 2010


Photo by Hayley Young

Kathleen C.Y. Sie, M.D.

Pediatric otolaryngology
Practice: Seattle Children’s Hospital
Hospital affiliations: Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington Medical Center
Medical degree: University of Michigan Medical School

Why pediatric otolaryngology?

It really appealed to me—the type of problems we see and the impact we can have on someone’s life. I realized I really liked working with children. I do this reconstruction work for kids born without ears.…It can have a huge impact on their lives. Really, my goal is to help kids communicate more effectively, [which] touches everything they do—how they interact with their families, how they get along in school, their academic performance and their opportunities after they finish high school.

And the best part?

Just watching [patients] grow up and come back and tell me jokes. It’s a blast. Sometimes we see them from babies on up. I usually ask the kids to come back and see me once before they leave home. Sometimes I get a hug from a 6-foot-2-inch kid.

Originally published in July 2010