The Blue Angels are Back!

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Blue Angels return to Seafair

Admit it. You kinda missed them last year. When the U.S. Navy announced that the 2013 Blue Angels air show would be canceled due to federal budget cuts, many Seattleites rejoiced. (No freaked-out dogs! No expensive, extraneous exhibitions of military might!) But when Seafair weekend came around, it was just so…quiet. Not only was the sound of F/A-18 Hornets screaming overhead missing, so too were the standard complaints about the noise and the I-90 bridge shutdowns, and the debating among neighbors over the pros and cons of the daring display. (Also notably absent were the teeming crowds; attendance was less than three-quarters of anticipated numbers.) This year, the jets are back in bright blue glory, bringing with them the customary dissonance and splendor—the sounds of Seattle summer. 8/2–8/3. The air space above Lake Washington;


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