Body Care Basics Created Specifically for Biracial Skin


!--paging_filter--pWhere do you turn when the marketplace doesn’t sell products that fit your particular skin and hair care needs? The kitchen, of course. At least that’s where Ballard-based JC Brazil went after developing necrotizing fasciitis in her 20s. “No conventional body products helped, and the expensive, all-natural stuff didn’t help enough,” says the video game industry veteran. Brazil, who is black, tinkered with natural, mostly food-grade ingredients, including shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax, to create a product line to soothe her sensitive skin and kinky hair. Once her biracial husband, Walter Williams, discovered that her homemade remedies tamed his curls better than chemical-based products marketed toward biracial people, Glatta Papa skin care products were born. “Glatta Papa was created specifically for the interracial/multiracial family who just want a solid group of body care basics that anyone can easily pick up and get great results with,” says Brazil, who combined the Norwegian word for smooth (glatta) with “Papa Bear,” her nickname for Williams. “We sympathize with frustrated families who don’t want their bathroom to look like a science lab and smell like a fruit salad.” Glatta Papa products range from an herbal pomade for the hair ($26), a balm ($18) for intense “nose to toes” moisturizing, and Smack Sticks ($5) for a soft, supple pucker. Available at a href="" target="_blank", a href="" target="_blank" and a href="" target="_blank" /p


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