Bottled Revolution

A locally developed water bottle makes the impact of sustainability clear.

Most of us recycle religiously in the hopes of preserving our planet for future generations, but what if your sustainability efforts came with more immediate gratification? A proposed product by local tech-design company Artefact ( helps you visualize the effects of eco-friendliness.

The South Lake Union-based company has been developing ideas for new products since 2006, relying on outside companies to manufacture them. But this year, Artefact is working toward producing its own products, one of which is a revolutionary water bottle. Made of stainless steel, the 999Bottle comes equipped with a numbered dial that users turn with every refill, tracking as many as 999 times.

The best part? An associated app calculates your eco savings—in dollars, gallons of oil required to make new plastic bottles and the height of bottles stacked atop each other (1,063 refills stack up to the top of the Eiffel Tower). Artefact hopes to raise about $99,000 to pay for production; if you want to help the 999Bottle become reality, chip in to the Kickstarter campaign and quench your thirst for green. 

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