Cap off Your Climb with Kelley Moore’s al Fresco Essentials

Lay out a spread of cheese, crackers and grapes on a colorful oilcloth, instead of a cotton blanket,

If you’re lacking a few Boy Scout badges, pave the path for your next hike with chic tools fit for a hilltop lunch break. Celebrate the breathless elation of a good climb (you’re still alive!) with an easy-to-tote lunch stashed in a sturdy canvas bag. Easy to fit in any standard backpack, bento-box-style lunch pails also eliminate all that excess plastic garbage, so you’ll have a lighter conscience on your trip back down the mountain.

< Wrap it up: Wrangle biodegradable utensils into a homemade burlap roll-up utensil carrier






Light your fire> A handy compass and Jen Pearson Designs’ all-in-one fire starter kit, with matches, dried sap and pine needle kindling, offers a hassle-free alternative to rubbing sticks together (Smokey says: Use only in a sanctioned fire pit).

Hiking essentials>  Scribble a few field notes or play cards atop your victorious perch; pack a whistle in case you need help finding your hiking mates

DIY lunch tin> Personalize your pail using white vinyl letter stickers (found at office supply stores)—simply peel, stick and label your steel tiffin tin with a sweet culinary sentiment. Fill the bento-box-style compartments with provisions like granola (we love Alki Girl’s new cherry and macadamia nut mix) and then stack together.