Congrats, You're Automatically Married!

Monday, June 30 marks the day when most same-sex domestic partnerships change over to marriages
By: Lauren Mang | Posted June 30, 2014

On the heels of yesterday's 40th annual Pride Parade, many same-sex couples in state-registered domestic partnerships (unless one person in that domestic partnership is over the age of 62) woke up today as husband and husband/wife and wife.

The change in marital status for same-sex domestic partners is an element of the 2012 Washington state law legalizing same-sex marriages. That component officially went into effect today, June 30.

So, welcome, formerly non-married humans into married life; it's a wild ride. And hey, if you need any wedding celebration ideas, our sister publication Seattle Bride has those in spades here, here and here.

But what if you're not completely overjoyed at being automatically converted to marriage? For me, marriage was a incredibly serious decision (I was engaged for two years) and took some time to even get used to the idea. (Me in a bar: "Oh yeah, I do have a husband." *sends back free drink*) But then again, I've never been legally prohibited from making that decision in the first place, so what do I know. 

If this domestic partnership-turned-marriage affected you, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Did waking up as a married couple just cut out one big, often laborious step and make it easier? Or did you find that it stole your celebratory thunder a bit? Either way, I suppose as long as we get to be with the one we love it's win-win.