Contacts for Diabetics

A new way to track blood sugar levels
By: Niki Stojnic | Posted February 04, 2014
Sensors in the contact detect glucose levels via tears

Wearable tech is about more than just checking emails or making phone calls—thanks to two University of Washington professors, it’s taking a lifesaving turn. Google recently released a prototype developed by Seattle researchers Brian Otis and Babak Parviz for a contact lens that monitors blood glucose levels through tears. For diabetics who need to keep track of their blood sugar on a regular basis, this would mean an alternative to a lifetime of drawing their own blood through a finger jab or living with a sensor under their skin for continuous tracking. Otis and Parviz began developing the lens independently several years ago, then joined the Google X lab, where they had the opportunity to further refine the device. The lens, which could help the one in 19 people worldwide affected by diabetes, would still take five years to reach the market, according to Google.