Craft Cocktail Bars are Shaking Things Up

A neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to some of Seattle's best cocktail bars
A.J. Rathbun  |   August 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
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Canon’s Jaime Boudreau puts a modern spin on the classics


Oliver’s Lounge

With a casual and friendly demeanor that’s a striking counter to the exhausting energy of the street outside, this spot is dandy for tucking into, even if you’re not a guest at the Mayflower Park Hotel, where it’s located. Though you may be tempted, while sitting among the plants and the hotel décor, by other items from the classically minded drink menu, order an award-winning martini ($11.50). It is made to exacting standards and ideal while you nibble on a light snack or sandwich and relax. 21+ only. 405 Olive Way; 206.623.8700;

This relocated recent legend has a cocktail menu that mutates daily, depending on the inexhaustible creative whims of the rotating cast of crack bartenders—fine folks such as Bryn Lumsden and bar manager Jim Romdell—and is on the vanguard of cocktail innovation. If you see a Maru Maru (Novo Fogo gold cachaça, pineapple syrup, lime and coffee bitters; $12) on the menu, order it, sit at the bar and watch the liquid artists work. If the watching works up your appetite, the small but exquisite food menu—with hits including foie gras–buttered popcorn—has you covered. 21+ only. 624 Olive Way; 206.623.3325;