Cravings: 5 Can't-miss Seattle Scones

Infinitely adaptable to sweet or savory preference, scones are a beloved pastry staple.
Two Tartes scone georgetown seattle
The white chocolate raspberry scone at Two Tartes

Infinitely adaptable to sweet or savory preference, scones are a beloved pastry staple. Visit these bakeries to try some of our favorite takes on this versatile quick bread.

Bella Dolce Bakery & Cafe
The apricot ginger walnut scone is subtle and light with only a hint of sweetness. Only a single tray is baked daily, so head in early to enjoy this refined delight. $2.15. Madison Valley, 2711 E Madison St.; 206.325.9539

Honoré Artisan Bakery
The cheddar scallion scone features a crunchy top sprinkled with coarse sea salt. It’s accented with Tillamook cheddar and freshly chopped scallions—a perfect package of flavor in a crumbly bite. $3. Ballard, 1413 NW 70th St.; 206.706.4035

Two Tartes Café & Catering
The secret to the white chocolate raspberry scone is simple: butter. This crucial element lends itself to an incredibly delicate, flaky product. Add the scrumptious marriage of white chocolate chunks and raspberry bits and the effect is irresistible. $2.25. Georgetown, 5629 Airport Way S; 206.767.8012;

Columbia City Bakery
While the name of the Health Nut scone might not sound immediately appetizing, don’t be fooled. Chock-full of dried cranberries, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and oats, each bite is a complex, enjoyable experience. $3.10. Columbia City, 4865 Rainier Ave. S; 206.723.6023;

Boat Street Café
Although most scone recipes rely on butter, Boat Street’s cherry scone instead has cream as its base. This gives the pastry a particular richness of flavor, as well as a fluffiness that’s the ideal complement to the generous dollop of sweet cherry jam sitting in its center. $3.50. Belltown, 3131 Western Ave.; 206.632.4602;