Customized Deals from Seattle magazine Snap Skout

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!--paging_filter--pYou may have noticed those red ‘Skout’ boxes popping up at the top of articles you are enjoying on our website, or will start to now.nbsp; We recently partnered with a href="http://www.snapskout.com/" target="_blank"Snap Skout/a, a media technology startup that automatically surfaces highly-relevant offers and deals to readers through its recommended offers engine.nbsp; In layman’s terms – if you’re reading an article about a great new Seattle restaurant Snap Skout will pop up with dining deals collected from multiple discount companies – all in one place!nbsp;/p
pWith Snap Skout’s recommended offers engine installed across Seattle magazine, online readers (you!) can conveniently access the best and most relevant local offers and deals. Snap Skout ensures high-quality offers by only partnering with the best deal networks-and advertisers such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon Local and Gilt.nbsp;/p
pSnap Skout’s content recommendation engine was installed on Seattle Magazine in mid-February and the key performance metrics from the 90 day pilot will be reviewed in mid-May. Throughout the 90-day period, readers can access the best local deals via the “Skout” button across the SeattleMag.com.nbsp; Enjoy the great perks of being a Seattle magazine fan, and let us know your thoughts and comments below. brbr/p