Cute Hats and T-Shirts for Kids

Ali Brownrigg  |   March 2014   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
cute hats for kids t-shirts for kids seattle magazine
Uh oh! Max models an array of kid wear from Ershware

Some people make pillows out of them, and other people, quilts—but north Queen Anne landscape architect and artist Ashley Thorner uses beloved and perfectly worn-in vintage T-shirts as source material for Ershware (, a kids’ hat company she launched last fall. “I hated to just get rid of my favorite ‘golden boys’ that had such great imagery,” Thorner says. (Seinfeld fans will recall that “golden boy” is what Jerry called his favorite T-shirt.) So she upcycles them into quirky, modern and thoroughly adorable hats for cool kids everywhere. “As a mom, I put high value on comfort, quality and style,” she says. “I want my customer’s kid to be noticed, generate a smile and hopefully a comment on how cute he or she is.” Not hard with these toppers. In addition to reversible aviator ($25) and bunny ear hats ($30), Thorner also screen-prints new T-shirts ($22) with “love” or “uh oh”—perfect thought bubbles for little ones everywhere.