Detox With This Healthy, Jammin' Juice

Your post-holiday weekend antidote, courtesy of Juicebox

!--paging_filter--pThis pretty glass of liquid health food made with red beets, apples, lemon and ginger is a culinary godsend—whether you tied one on the night before or simply want a serious wake-up call. The GINGER BEET AT JUICEBOX ($7.50) on Capitol Hill will cure whatever ails you. According to owner and occasional squeezer Kari Brunson, beets are good not just for making your drink a beautiful shade of pink, they also help detox the liver. The spicy ginger, which aids digestion, is made ultra-intense through cold-pressing—a process that extracts the ginger pulp and leaves a batch of silky juice in its wake. Espresso wishes it possessed this level of jolt. Open daily.em Capitol Hill, 1517 12th Ave., Suite 100; 206.607.7866; a href="" target="_blank"