Carnivore's Guide: Sausages

A roundup of Seattle's best encased meats
Posted December 10, 2010

Sometimes subtly spiced, sometimes bold and assertive, plump, juicy sausages are always a welcome addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here’s our roundup of the best encased meats Seattle has to offer.

Our Top Pick!

A&J Meats pork and cranberry sausage: For some, the changing color of leaves or the sight of pumpkins at the market signal the coming of the holidays. For us, it’s the arrival of this seasonal sausage. The bits of jewel-red cranberry make these snappy-cased breakfast treats something to look forward to year-round. $7.95/pound.
Cascioppo Brothers low-fat chicken and turkey sausage: Cascioppo Brothers proves a delicious sausage can be made figure friendly—the low-fat sausage is full of secret spices, basil and parsley. $5.49/pound.
Bavarian Meats blood sausage: Tucked into a little corner in the Pike Place Market, Bavarian Meats is a little slice of sausage heaven. Everyday favorites share the case with more exotic offerings, like blood and tongue sausage. $9.95/pound.
Uli’s famous sausage mild italian delight: Uli’s in the Pike Place Market is the choice of many of Seattle’s best chefs. You can’t go wrong with its signature Italian link. $6.49/pound.
Bill the Butcher’s andouille sausage: Bill offers a full roster of fresh and smoked sausages. We especially love the incredible smoked andouille, which makes a splendidly Southern cornbread stuffing for the holiday table. $6.99/pound.
Leschi Market’s XXX hot beef and pork sausage: This market has been producing high-quality sausages for more than 40 years. The formula veers toward the leaner side, and its unccoked sausages are free of nitrates. Grill up a platter of these for your next Sunday brunch. $6.99/pound.

Published November 2010

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