Special Delivery

Pagliacci Pizza’s new topping is the box itself

It’s been said that big things come in small packages, and what better package for a “big thing” than a pizza box? In the spirit of sustainability, Seattle’s own Pagliacci Pizza  is now using delivery cartons that artfully explain a box’s journey from tree to compost pile. (Yes, you can and should compost greasy pizza boxes!) A Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo adorns each box, certifying that 50 percent of the wood fiber—by-products such as sawdust and wood chips—used to make the container comes from responsibly managed forests located in the Pacific Northwest (which means plundered trees are not an incidental side order). Port Townsend Paper Corp. turns the wood fiber into pulp and paper, which Crown Packaging (in Richmond, British Columbia) uses to produce the boxes. The carton’s eco-voyage continues after you discard it in your yard waste bin, when it’s carted off and composted by local company Cedar Grove. Eating green never tasted so good.