Comfort Food: Grilled Cheese and Soup

One of the food world’s great pairings: a bite of a crunchy grilled cheese sandwich and a sip of swe
Posted December 15, 2010

If ever there was a “perfect” grilled cheese, allow us to offer for your consideration the version at Green Lake’s Latona Pub. Sharp white cheddar holds together thick slices of Columbia City Bakery walnut levain bread, grilled to a crunchy burnished brown. On the side: a chunky tomato basil bisque and a lightly dressed salad to assuage the guilt ($10.95). >> There’s something satisfying about cozying up to the counter at Ballard's Take 5 Urban Market and ordering a simple, nourishing meal after a long workday. Traditional tomato bisque is given new life (and extra sweetness) with the addition of carrots, and the crisp, gooey cheddar and mozzarella grilled cheese is served on hearty slices of Old Mill white bread ($5.95/soup and sandwich combo). >> One of the quintessential Seattle experiences is gently pushing past the slow-moving throngs at the Pike Place Market and ordering a grilled cheese and tomato bisque ($10) from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. This panino sandwich contains both Beecher’s Flagship and Just Jack cheeses, and the smoky, slightly chunky tomato soup (ask for cheese curds on top) is warming on a cold day.