Seattle's 48 Best Sandwiches: Bánh Mì

Global politics aside, one of the great benefits of French involvement in Vietnam has to be this ba
Posted December 16, 2010

Crispy Drunken Chicken Baguette
Baguette Box
(Capitol Hill, Fremont)
Maybe it’s technically not a bánh mì, but the Drunken Chicken Baguette ($6.50), with its perfectly fried hunks of batter-dipped chicken thighs set off by lettuce, caramelized onions, cilantro and soy sauce, is still one of our favorites.

Pork Belly BÁNH MÌ

Matt’s in the Market
(Pike Place Market)
Tender, drip-down-your-arm juicy, and the clear winner for taking the concept and running (and running) with it, this version, with lots of cilantro, Hoisin and sambal aioli, is the best diet killer of the bunch. It’s also a bank breaker, ringing in at $16 (although a cup of the reliably fantastic soup of the day is included in the price). So get your money’s worth: Sit by the window and take in that unbeatable view.

BÁNH MÌ Thit Nuong

Saigon Deli
(International District)
This sandwich sets the bar high, with savory barbecued pork, sweet mayo, pickled cucumber, carrots, cool sprigs of cilantro and the occasional sliver of jalapeño on a crackling-crisp French roll. All for just $2.75.

Seattle Deli
(International District)
The cheapest of the bunch, the bánh mì chy (made with marinated tofu; $2) is a mouth-searing affair, stuffed with pickled veggies, fresh cucumber spears, cilantro and some seriously powerful jalapeño slices.

Originally published in August 2010