Tis' the Season for Tempting Pea Vines

Seattle chefs dream up tasty ways to utilize freshly shucked peas and pea vines.
Tilikum Place Cafe's tempting pea vine salad.

Tulio’s sweet pea risotto is the perfect bowl to savor on a mild day. The creamy risotto (cooked in a vegetable broth) creates a comforting backdrop for a medley of greens—leeks, chives and, of course, those toothsome peas. Mascarpone cheese and truffle oil round out the dish with winning richness. $18. Downtown, 1100 Fifth Ave.; 206.624.5500; tulio.com

La Medusa

The Sicilian-inspired pasta with morels and fresh peas combines morels’ nutty earthiness with the subtle sweetness of peas, served over house-made fettuccine. Add lemon, mint, a splash of cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano...pure bliss! $18. Columbia City, 4857 Rainier Ave. S; 206.723.2192; lamedusarestaurant.com

Palace Kitchen
Not your average cheese ravioli, the sweet pea ravioli combines fresh peas with artisan ricotta, oil-cured chiles and breadcrumbs. Served with a compound butter of tarragon and shallot reduction melted on top. $22. Belltown, 2030 Fifth Ave.; 206.448.2001; tomdouglas.com

How to Cook a Wolf

Onion, vegetable stock and a touch of cream combine in a wonderful chilled English pea soup, served with Trampetti olive oil for balance. $9. Queen Anne, 2208 Queen Anne Ave. N; 206.838.8090; ethanstowellrestaurants.com

Tilikum Place Café

The layering of textures in this pea vine salad is key: A large crouton base sits under lightly wilted pea vines, served warm but still firm, which echo the same grassy sweetness of a handful of delicate peas, all topped with a poached egg waiting to be broken and tossed with a pancetta and red wine vinaigrette. $8. Belltown, 407 Cedar St.; 206.282.4830; tilikumplacecafe.com