Dreamy Bedrooms with Even Dreamier Views

Getting out of bed is hard enough. Imagine if you had one of these majestic views
By: Lauren Mang | Posted August 20, 2014
Project by DeForest Architects and interior design by NB Design Group

Long ago, in a far away land called Ohio, I had a friend (OK, fine, boyfriend) whose parents had a house along the Ohio River. The home rested on a portion of the river that was so serene, so escape-like that I just couldn't wait to pack an overnight bag, drive the 20 or so minutes it took to get there and play cards and drink beer on the wraparound deck and then build a beach fire once it got dark. Sleeping was even better (sorry, Kyle's parents) since the bedroom had windows that overlooked the water and I adored waking up to the sounds of barges floating along.

While that house was certainly a far cry from the vista-blessed beauties from Porch.com that you see below, nothing beats a room with a view.

1. Custom Estate, Shuler Architecture

Details: http://porch.com/projects/custom-estate-mercer-island-washington?img=859227

2. Kirkland Home, VergeAD

Photographs by Graham Syed

Details: http://porch.com/projects/kirkland-37

3. San Juan Island Guesthouse, Rohleder Borges Architecture

Details: http://porch.com/projects/947153-3?img=717650


4. Courtyard House, DeForest Architects and NB Design Group

Details: http://porch.com/projects/courtyard-house?img=875991

5. Stanwood, Washington, Miller Interior Design

Details: http://porch.com/projects/ground-up-construction-9?img=898862

6. Wingpoint House, Coop 15

Details: http://porch.com/projects/wingpoint-house-1?img=33904

7. Meadow Creek House, Eggleston|Farkas Architects

Details: http://porch.com/projects/meadow-creek-house?img=863511