Dress Up Your Shelves with Geode Bookends

Shelves, meet shimmer
Lauren Mang  |   March 2014   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
agate designs pioneer square geode bookends seattle magazine
One half of the Dugway geode bookends at Agate Designs in Pioneer Square

For bookshelves, fireplace mantels or any other sturdy surface where row after row of books might stand, opt for two hefty, sparkly and very on-trend hunks of rock to keep them all stylishly in line. At Pioneer Square’s family-owned Agate Designs, the 31-year-old treasure trove of gems, minerals, fossils and a few (slightly squirm-inducing) framed entomology specimens, we unearthed this pair of Dugway GEODE BOOKENDS ($270), culled from the enormous geode beds in Dugway, Utah. These earthy wonders gleam with inner caverns of rose-hued druzy quartz (tiny quartz crystals) surrounded by layers of banded agate and an agatized mud crust. Shelves, meet shimmer. Agate Designs, 120 First Ave. S; 206.621.3063; agatedesigns.com