Explore Snow Country on Fat Bikes

Experience nature’s wintry glory threaded with the childhood joy of biking in the snow.
Lisa Wogan  |   March 2013   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION
fat bikes
Forget skis— explore local snow country on a wide-wheeled “fat bike”

While we wait (and wait) for spring to arrive, Seattleites head east for blue vistas and shimmering snowfields; plunging into all that mood-lifting whiteness on sleds, snowshoes, skis and, now, on so-called fat bicycles. While bikes with wide, snow-gripping tires have been plying frozen stretches of Alaska for years, this is the first time any of the cross-country ski trails in the Methow Valley have welcomed their ilk. Don’t expect a high-speed adrenaline rush—fat bikes are built for stability, and ideal for snow lovers who don’t like to ski; cross-country skiers looking to mix it up; and mountain bikers who are tired of waiting for the spring melt.

Check trail openings/conditions daily at mvsta.com. Limited fat bike rentals available at Methow Cycle & Sport in Winthrop, $35–$55/four to 24 hours; methowcyclesport.com