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Do you long for fresh organic vegetables grown in a garden of your very own, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? With a combined 15 years of experience in organic farming and sustainable agriculture, Colin McCrate and Brad Halm of Seattle Urban Farm Co. will help you cultivate your green thumb. They’ll come up with a multi-year plan for your garden and then be there every step of the way, showing you how to prepare the soil for planting, install and tend your vegetables. Still want more? They’ll harvest the fruits of your labor, too. Amy Pennington of Go Go Green Garden offers all the aforementioned services, plus support in the kitchen­—ensuring your harvest doesn’t go to waste by providing tips on how to store, preserve (think canning, drying and freezing) and prepare (with recipes or brief cooking lessons) your bounty. A lifelong lover of food with eight years of experience in the restaurant industry, Pennington has been adding a culinary flare to gardening since 2007.

If your favorite tree looks seriously bedraggled since our last windstorm, consulting arborist Scott Baker and his colleagues at Wallingford-based Tree Solutions Inc. are the “doctors” who can help. Baker, a 30-year industry veteran with multiple certifications, and his team combine practical experience (they like to climb really big trees) with the latest technology (their toolbox includes something called a Resistograph drill). Their expertise in diagnosis, risk assessment and management (they inspect some 3,000 trees a year) will help determine if your patient is on life support or just needs a trim. For routine annual checkups, we recommend John Hushagan and the 10 arborists at Lake City–based Seattle Tree Preservation, all certified by the International Society of Arborists. Their pruning, tree-bracing and cabling services have been maintaining the health and beauty of Seattle trees since 1987. And if your tree does need to be removed, they have the skills (Seattle Tree Preservation is one of the few local companies capable of removing especially large trees) and equipment to do it safely.

Seattle Tree Preservation
206.367.4048 $450 and up for pruning a moderate-size tree
$750 and up for removal of a moderate-size tree
Tree Solutions Inc.
206.528.4670 treesolutions.net $90–$125/hour

Originally published March 2010

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