Feature: The Get It Done Guide's Pet Services

Our list of services to make loving your furry friends even easier

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Let’s face it: Life can be overwhelming. Who has the time to get the car fixed, spring clean like your grandmother, figure out how to properly install a car seat, plant a vegetable garden? Well, you can relax. All over town, pros are poised to help. We dug deep to find some of the best and most innovative personal services available. Set them to work, and all you'll have to do is cross things off that to-do list.

Not all dogs live in houses; some are urban condo dwellers, just like their owners. But nature inevitably calls, which is where Condo Pet Pals comes in. Every week or two, this Monroe-based service will bring a fresh roll of grass-covered sod to your home and place it in a 2-by-5-foot “sod pod” (custom sizes also available). It’s like having a miniature backyard on your balcony, only your pooch probably won’t bury any bones in it.
Condo Pet Pals 425.736.1077; 
condopetpals.com; $65 per month for the bimonthly 
service, $110 per month for weekly service

For those reluctant to embrace the sudsy carnage of grooming their dogs at home (fur in drains, flooded bathrooms) but still concerned with Fido’s appearance, Greyt Grooming makes it so neither you nor Fido has to leave home. Greyt Grooming owner Sheila Parr, a member of the Washington Alliance of Groomers (which proves that there is an alliance for everything) will drive her Auburn-based mobile dog salon to your home and groom your dog (provided he or she no heavier than 70 pounds) in her spa-on-wheels. Full treatment includes bathing, clipping and brushing.

Greyt Grooming

When cats go missing (and they often do), Amy Adams, a “Missing Animal Response Technician” from Bothell, is the woman for the job. Not some Miss Marple wannabe, Adams has made a living of finding lost pets and estimates an 85 percent success rate. Her search methods include deductive reasoning and behavioral profiling, along with high-tech equipment such as search cameras and listening devices. “It is so wonderful to work with people who love their pets and want to find them,” Adams says. And, like any good sleuth, she has a sidekick; in this case, it’s Harley, a mutt with a well-honed nose for lost cats. 

Lost Pet Resources
$50 for a profile session/phone consultation, $250 for a three-hour search with dog

As loyal and lovable as they are, dogs tend to make a mess and, well, somebody’s got to clean it up. If you’d rather that person be somebody other than you, you’ll want to call the folks at Pooper Trooper. Run by the husband-and-wife team of Bill and Nicki Walters, this Lynnwood-based clean-up crew will perform a thorough removal, sanitizing the area when they’ve finished. They stress just how important it is to pick up after your dog, because a dog’s feces can carry a variety of viruses and worms. And, of course, because it’s feces, for crying out loud.

Pooper Trooper
Rates vary; $17 per visit for regular customers


With Seattle’s well-deserved rep as a dog-friendly and health-conscious city, is it surprising that there’s a service dedicated to your pooch’s cardio needs? Going into its fou