Bakery Nouveau's Triple-layer Chocolate Cake

The moistest triple-layer chocolate cake we've tasted.
Lorna Yee  |   April 2010   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION

Look past the gold-speckled truffles and the loaves of crisp-crusted breads at Bakery Nouveau (4737 California Ave. SW 206.923.0534, and you’ll spy the sweet-as-pie staff selling slices of chocolate cake to patrons in the know. That’s because this triple-layer Classic Chocolate Cake ($4.50/slice; $30/8-inch cake) is the moistest we’ve tasted, and definitely worth a cross-town trip in traffic.

Light layers of this cocoa confection are sandwiched between salt-kissed, soft-whipped chocolate mousse and enrobed by a simple pour of chocolate glaze. It’s rich without being too heavy and dark enough without being cloyingly sweet—even those who protest they don’t like chocolate will be unable to resist. When you’ve licked up the last crumbs from this decadent delight, we guarantee you’ll agree that this version of the retro classic is the finest you’ve encountered.

Originally published in April 2010

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