Food We Love: Cantonese Roasted Duck

All glazed over at the Ton Kiang Noodle House in the International District

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Ton Kiang BBQ Noodle House is a hole-in-the-wall in the truest sense: Menu specials are scrawled in broken English on a whiteboard, tables are topped with laminate wood, and the couple in charge, Benny Huang and Joey Yang, work as chef and waitress respectively to keep the place humming. Despite the modest surroundings, it’s here that you’ll find perhaps the finest Cantonese roasted duck in the city. Order a duck (whole, $15.90; half and quarter portions available), and the chef will unhook one of the glazed beauties hanging in the grease-splattered front window and cut it into uniform pieces with a few meaty thwacks of his cleaver. Each bite yields tender, slightly gamey flesh, tasting of Shaoxing wine, hoisin sauce and the haunting perfume of star anise. You’ll swear you’re in Hong Kong. International District, 668 Weller St. 206.622.3388

Originally published in March 2010

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