Indecision 2012 for Kids

A local author translates election drama and rhetoric into entertaining children's literature.
Ali Brownrigg  |   October 2012   |  FROM THE PRINT EDITION

As the political fur flies this month, insert a little levity into the conversation with Mount Baker author Ben Clanton’s book, Vote for Me!, in which a donkey and an elephant duke it out in a familiar blue and red rivalry. The rhetoric accelerates to a mudslinging climax of self-promotion (“How can you NOT vote for someone as adorable as me?”), bribery (“If you vote for ME, I’ll give you a sucker!”) and name-calling (“Dim-witted dolt!” “Belching beast of burden!”), before the candidates sheepishly apologize for their boorish behavior.

Ages 4 and older; $16.95. Available at Secret Garden Books (Ballard; 2214 NW Market St.; 206.789.5006;, Island Books (Mercer Island, 3014 78th Ave. SE; 206.232.6920; and The Elliott Bay Book Company (Capitol Hill, 1521 Tenth Ave.; 206.624.6600;