Instagram Inspiration: Summer Style

A new season means new threads
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Well, it's official: As of June 20, summer has arrived.

In addition to updating your internal calendar (longer days) and spending more time outdoors, the heralding of summer means that you're ready to hibernate those winter threads gathering dust in the closet and take your summer looks out for a romp. 'Tis the season for sandals, sunglasses and sunshine.

Take a few fashion pointers from these Seattle Instagrammers (and style bloggers) and make the streets your summer runway.

1. Nichole Darrelle
Instagram: @Nichole Darrelle

2. Curtis Bright
Instagram: @curtisbright

3. Frilancy Makungu
Instagram: @frilancy

4. Sarah Butler
Instagram: @sarahstylesseattle

5. Ashley & Haley
Instagram: @simplydarlingduo

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