Joni Arsheed

We interviewed the restaurant owner for our most fascinating singles story.
Posted November 01, 2012
First date idea: It's not the same for die-hard Sounders fans, but rooting for the 'Hawks or the Huskies is a good reason to spend a day at Centurylink in winter.

Age: 26

Occupation: Co-owner, Mr. Gyros

Neighborhood: Ballard

Orientation: Straight

Grew up in: Bellevue

Personal mission: Work hard now, play later. My goal is to hopefully be retired before 40. I figure if I work as hard as I can now, I can enjoy life with a family later.

Best quality: Physically, my eyes. I used to get called a girl when I was younger because my lashes were so long. Turns out girls like them these days. Nonphysical best quality? Probably my passion. From work to family, to playing soccer, I don’t believe in mediocre. I love making the best of every opportunity that comes my way. 

People might be most surprised to learn: I’m very traditional and old-fashioned. And I don’t like cooked mushrooms. 

Would spend a million dollars on: Travel, for sure! Hawaii, Bora Bora, the Bahamas, anywhere warm. I might also splurge on a Mercedes G-Wagon; I always loved that car.

Best way to spend a rainy day: Relaxing with some hookah, a nice meal and maybe a great movie 

Single in Seattle. Love it? Hate it? Discuss: Mixed feelings. Seattle is the biggest “small town” I know. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody.

Describe your ideal mate: Unselfish, funny, hard-working and athletic. I love to play soccer, and one of my dreams has been to play with the girl I’m dating. 

Favorite place for first date: Wine bars are always nice. Black Bottle in Bellevue is one of my favorites. 

Go-to first-date strategy: Learn a lot about her. Maybe a kiss on the cheek when I drop her off.