Lamb Chops with Fenugreek Cream Curry Recipe

By: Lorna Yee | Posted December 16, 2011

Lamb Chops with Fenugreek Cream Curry

This recipe is a lighter version of Vij’s incredibly decadent lamb “popsicles” dish.

For the lamb:

1/4 cup dry white wine

1/3 cup grainy mustard

2 teaspoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

2 racks of lamb chops, separated into individual chops

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil


Curry sauce:

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup Greek yogurt

3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3/4 teaspoon paprika

3/4 teaspoon turmeric

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 Tablespoon fenugreek leaves

3 Tablespoons vegetable oil

4 cloves garlic, finely minced

Kosher salt to taste


Whisk together the wine, mustard, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Toss the lamb chops in the marinade, coating each one evenly and thoroughly. Cover the bowl and allow the lamb to marinade in the fridge for 2 hours minimum and as long as overnight. Remove the lamb chops from the fridge and allow to rest at room temperature for 20 minutes before cooking.

In a medium bowl, combine the cream, yogurt, lemon juice, paprika, turmeric, cayenne and fenugreek.

In a saucepan over medium high heat, sauté the garlic in the vegetable oil until golden, about 2–3 minutes. Add the cream mixture to the saucepan, and cook, stirring, until slightly reduced, about 7–10 minutes. Season the sauce to taste with salt and pepper. (Keep the sauce warm on low heat while you cook the lamb.)

Meanwhile, in a grill pan or cast-iron pan, heat the vegetable oil over high heat. Sear the chops in the pan until cooked to desired doneness, about 2 minutes per side for medium rare. Serve the lamb chops with the cream sauce spooned over the top.