Linoleum-block Prints Perfect for Baby's Room

Hip decorative prints inspired by vintage French pop art and made in West Seattle.

They’re the perfect foil for pastel-colored nursery walls: hip linoleum-block prints inspired by vintage French pop art, made by West Seattle–based artist Jennifer Ament. The lovely black-and-white linos are beloved by babies, who like to stare at high-contrast images; parents like them, too, for their sweet, clean lines, worthy of display long after baby is grown.

Ament’s kid-friendly stylized menagerie includes an awesome unicorn, a slumbering kitty, a gorgeous heron and a cool butterfly; other images include a ferry boat and a thorny rose. The limited-edition prints range in price from $125–$350 (unframed) to $225–$595 (framed) and are available at Veritables Décor (Madison Valley, 2806 E Madison St.; 206.322.7782; and online at


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