Make Your Walls Work for You with These Hip New Hooks and Hangers

By: Shannon O'Leary | Posted August 20, 2014

Three by Three Seattle, the local online retailer that has made mod art out of the dry-eraser board, has a bunch of new hooks and hangers to help us get stylishly organized.

As well as new colors and shapes for some old favorites, such as newly square Spot-on! Mini Magnet Hooks, hip new tidying tools for fall include two new versions of their mail holder and hooks wall combo, the hook-up triple and hook-up quint, available in eight perky shades (sky blue to spring green). Plus, there's the new Chained-up Ball Chain and Magnet Display, which comes with a five-foot-long chain and eight magnets sure to make showcasing your photos easy and artful.

three by three seattle chained-up displayspot-on square mini hooks