Maria Christofilis: City Chic

Style expert and founder of Anthousa Collection on her personal style.

Uptown girl, laidback-style: “I flip from carrying my black Celine Phantom bag from Barneys to a Navajo-print cotton tote that I got for free,” says Maria Christofilis, a scent-savvy Seattle native who has been on the advance guard of home fragrances for more than a decade (at—which she recently sold). She shakes things up sartorially by layering unstructured elements with something more tailored, such as a tuxedo jacket—her “go-to staple and favorite classic piece.”

Jimmy Choo who? “I don’t have a huge shoe collection,” Christofilis says, “but what I have are designer investment pieces and I love each pair”—especially her sleek Alexander Wang ankle strap heels.

Shopping stops: Christofilis heads to Les Amis (Fremont, 3420 Evanston Ave. N; 206.632.2877; for seasonal pieces such as her favorite Matta cotton scarf, and to Pacific Galleries (SoDo, 241 S Lander St.; 206.292.3999; for one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Gold cuff, Pacific Galleries, 18K gold locket with black and white diamonds, Elle Amber


Rhinestone necklace, J. Crew; other necklaces from Greece


Celine Phantom bag, Barneys


Hermès Cape Cod watch and lavender jade bracelet (a gift)

Alexander Wang ankle strap pumps, Barneys





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