Mild-mannered Mutiny Hall

We love the rotating seasonal beers and relaxed atmosphere at this Ravenna pub.
By: A.J. Rathbun | Posted March 18, 2013
mutiny hall bars in ravenna
Darina Dearwood tends bar at Mutiny Bay pub in Ravenna

Not Mutinous in the Least
With a name like Mutiny Hall, a visitor might expect dangerous longshoremen on vacation from Boston. But it’s just the opposite; the atmosphere is calm, and the patrons, waitstaff and bartenders are more courteous than riotous. It was actually named for Whidbey Island’s Mutiny Bay, the home of owner Seth Howard’s grandmother. (Howard also owns Hudson Public House and The Last Drop Bottle Shop, also in North Seattle, and Collins Pub downtown.)

Chow to Cheer By
There are a number of nondescript tables and booths that seem designed to be lounged in and not admired for stylistic flair. Unexpectedly, this relaxed atmosphere isn’t undone by the large televisions spread around. Instead, the screens make the bar a haven for those who like to watch their favorite team but would rather do it in a place where conversation isn’t completely drowned out by noise, along with those who want to nosh higher-quality food while rooting. The Mutiny mac and cheese—with an abundance of Tillamook cheddar beer cheese, salty hits of guanciale and vigorous garlic breadcrumbs ($12–$14)—provides a delicious source of carbs for serious spectating.

Just Beer It
While the Mutiny Bay culinary choices are well above those of most neighborhood and sports bars, the rotating beer list reaches even higher. During my recent visit, it was highlighted by seasonal beers such as Cabin Fever, a nutty winter ale from Bellingham’s Boundary Bay Brewery that’s malty with a hint of sweetness. You’ll also discover out-of-state winners, such as the Farmhouse ale from Kansas City’s legendary Boulevard Brewing Company, which starts with a host of citrus notes and finishes peppery and crisp. It’s ideal for capping a day spent on the tractor (or just navigating Seattle’s busy streets). You’ll also find solid if not spectacular cocktails and a short wine list. But with such intriguing beer available, I’d save my cheers, and my orders, for it.

Ravenna, 1205 NE 65th St.; 206.524.5020;