Must-Try Cold Dessert: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich from Parfait

The Ballard ice cream shop serves up sweet treats

!--paging_filter--pThe ice cream sandwich is a deceptively simple dessert that all too often devolves into a messy and unsatisfying disaster. Achieving just the right balance between the ice cream filling and the texture of the cookie is crucial for success—something that Adria Shimada, owner and chef of Ballard’s Parfait ice cream shop, understands deeply and nails completely with her perfectly proportioned Parfait macaron ice cream sandwich. Both components have been meticulously considered by Shimada, who engineered the macarons to be flatter than most of their ilk, reducing the implosion that occurs when biting into the dome of this notoriously delicate cookie. The chewy macarons provide stable base and top for Parfait’s signature decadent ice cream, which is made from scratch using fresh, organic, local ingredients. The result is a highly successful few-bite delight in flavors that change with the season. emEvery day 1–10 p.m. Ballard, 2034 NW 56th St.; 206.258.3066; a href="" target="_blank" /em/p