Nancy Guppy Interviews Sculptor and Artist Todd Jannausch

Nancy Guppy sets sail with artist Todd Jannausch

!--paging_filter--pSeattle sculptor and installation artist Todd Jannausch (a href="" target="_blank" has a new solo show, Callus, which runs 11/15–12/21 at Pioneer Square gallery Method (a href="" target="_blank" He’ll also give a gallery talk (11/21 at 6 p.m.). brstrongbrCOFFEE SHOP:/strong All City Coffee in Georgetown, a Tuesday morning in JulybrstrongTODD’S ORDER:/strong 12-ounce wet cappuccinobrstrongbrNancy Guppy:/strong For 15 years you were a builder and a shipwright. Do you greet brpeople with “Ahoy, matey!”?brstrongTodd Jannausch:/strong No. brbrstrongNG:/strong Does your shipbuilding background influence your art? brstrongTJ:/strong It was a big part of the reason I started in art in the first place. With the past stuff, Gallery (206) [work by 206 local artists embedded in a phone booth] and Small Voids [two-dimensional works by various artists, encased in plexiglass and suspended on street signs and poles], all of those were fabrications—things that I learned while I was building boats, skills I wouldn’t have learned any other way. brbrstrongNG:/strong Your past work has a collaborative vibe. Did you have to share growing up? brstrongTJ:/strong (Laughs) Yes. I had one brother. And he used to kick my ass a lot. So I had to “share” my toys a lot. brbrstrongNG:/strong I perceive you as an artist who works outside of the “art system.” brstrongTJ:/strong For a while, I was questioning: What can we do better with art? Who isn’t being included? What limits do galleries have?” Blowing those open a bit. So, outside, yes, but not against.brbrstrongNG: /strongGive me the elevator pitch for your upcoming solo show. brstrongTJ:/strong It’s about how we interact with inanimate objects in our everyday lives. For me, it’s about the relationship I have with tools, so there’ll be a bunch of altered tools. brbrstrongNG:/strong One of the works is a bent hammer. Does that piece relate to string theory? brstrongTJ:/strong No. It relates to masculinity. brbrstrongNG:/strong How do you know when you’re on the right track?brstrongTJ:/strong When I’m really nervous. When I start to feel that tension inside, it means I’m getting closer to a place that I haven’t been before—that’s usually a good sign. brbrstrongNG:/strong Choose one: money or fame. brstrongTJ:/strong Happiness.brbrNancy Guppy showcases Seattle artists on her show, Art Zone (a href="" target="_blank"

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