New Natural Health Store in Capitol Hill's 19th & Mercer Development

Seattle’s longtime herbal expert opens a new home for natural health
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Tierney Salter is setting up shop on Capitol Hill

Are you ready for a reishi-tini? The healthy mocktail—made from reishi mushroom and lemon balm extracts, lemon juice and limeade with a lime twist—is one of several made to order at the new offshoot of Tierney Salter’s popular natural health store, The Herbalist. Having recently celebrated 30 years in business in Ravenna, Salter begins a whole new chapter this month with a second location in the hopping 19th & Mercer development on Capitol Hill, which also houses Tallulah’s café and bar, Cone & Steiner General store and Hello Robin cookie shop. Salter, 57, calls her sophomore effort a “new concept pharmacy,” based partly on Benson’s Mission Pharmacy, which operated for more than 40 years at 19th and Aloha, and which Salter frequented while growing up in the area. She recalls Benson’s as a place that brought the neighborhood together, and hopes The Herbalist can do the same (she still lives close by). While the vibe may recall an old-time pharmacy, the offerings are strictly of the new age—including herbs for anything that ails you, iPads serving up herbal medicine guides, iridology readings (based on patterns in the eye’s iris), the option to taste teas before buying, and of course, that mocktail bar, where you can belly up to ease stress, and boost alertness and immunity.

1/ Salter first developed an interest in herbs in college at the University of California, Santa Barbara, when her roommate suggested she visit an herbalist to cure her nightly coughing bouts.
2/ In the early days of being an herbalist, Salter says, she had to work against people’s skepticism. Now she does a lot of reeducation, due to the wealth of misinformation on the Internet.
3/ Over 30 years, Salter has seen herbal trends come and go: Kava kava root was big in the late ’90s (for stress and anxiety), and echinacea is ever popular. Next up, she predicts, herbs will be sought after to prevent and cure cancer.
4/ During a Welcome to the Neighborhood event on July 23, she will be giving free mini iridology consultations and teaching about herbs for children and dogs.