The Newest Spray Park in Town

Beacon Mountain Spraypark sets a high water mark
Jacob Chen plays in the spray at Jefferson Park

Hooray for August, when we can finally say it’s summer without feeling the impulse to knock on wood. After spending most of the year complaining about the rain, we find ourselves seeking out precipitation—in the form of spray parks and fountains. While the International Fountain at Seattle Center wins big for, well, sheer bigness, there’s a newer spray park in town that scores high for both eco-tech savvy and screamy fun. After a few tweaks to its water-recirculation system, Beacon Mountain Spraypark at Jefferson Park in Beacon Hill is now up and running (and spraying) at full force, and, given its stunning view of downtown, quickly making a name for itself as the prettiest place to get soaked. Set at the bottom of a bowl-shaped depression in the park, the sprayground can be entered via two rubber slides, which swoosh visitors right into the center of the action. Kids can activate the various water features, clustered by age group and powered in part by solar panels. And, of course, grownups in search of heat relief can join the pitter-patter of wet feet.