One Slick, Waterproof Skirt

A stylish new weapon in the war against wet
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The Wander Wrap is ready for all weather

As Seattleites well know, dressing in rain-repellent gear from head to hips isn’t always sufficient—some days we still show up soaked through at the thighs. But rain pants are not only cumbersome, they’re also seriously unflattering (and, let’s be honest, a little demoralizing). Enter the Wander Wrap, a new waterproof wrap skirt that snaps on at the waist and keeps whatever you’re wearing warm and dry. Designed by Seattleite Jennifer Gee, a nurse who grew tired of arriving at work in soaked scrubs, the skirt comes in two lengths: below the knee ($79.50, in charcoal, red or black) and ankle length ($89.50, in charcoal or black), for those days when the rain is horizontal. (Next year, watch for the new “Seattle Sarong” style, an above-the-knee, reversible take on the original.) While you probably won’t see the Wander Wrap on fashion runways, the A-line shape is actually pretty stylish, and the nylon material makes it compactible enough to stuff into your bag. Dare we say it has us hoping for a rainy day? Available at Feathered Friends, Cascade, 119 Yale Ave. N; 206.292.2210;; and at