Out To Lunch: Capitol Hill's Po Dog Hot Dogs

Try these dogs the next time you need a late-night snack
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Po Dog Hot Dogs
[ capitol hill ]
1009 E Union St.
Lunch, dinner and late night

It took about three dogs before I figured out why the franks at Po Dog Hot Dogs are so good. They take hot dog ideas that sound like hangover cures and run with them all the way.

Any one of us might have come up with the idea for the Deep-fried Danger Dog ($6.75)—a Hebrew National all-beef wiener wrapped in bacon, deep-fried, and topped with hot sauce and grilled onions. But would you have worked with it until the pepper bacon became crisply fused to the dog itself, then served it on a Macrina bun? I would have given up and called it a morning after.

Same goes for the Texas Dog ($6.95), lightly crisped on a griddle and topped with fried onion strips, barbecue sauce and cheddar. Have you ever piled onion rings on a burger? This is even better. And I wish I had invented the Wasabi Egg Roll Dog ($6.75), blanketed in a crisp, nicely fried egg roll wrapper—like a stickless corn dog—and served on a bed of tangy slaw. (If I were in charge of Po Dog, I would get this puppy on the county fair circuit.)

Po Dog could not be more Capitol Hill if it tried—and believe me, there is some effort made here. This sliver of a space only seats about a couple dozen customers, and the exposed-concrete decor is adorned with guns-and-bullets wallpaper and a steady procession of hipsters and their kids. The place is open late. You can substitute a veggie dog for the kosher beef with any of the dozen dogs on the menu (yes, even the Danger Dog), and if you’re the kind of person who digs around in the potato chip bag for the darkest ones, you’re going to love the house-made chips ($2.50). (The fries are just OK.)

Now, if Po Dog would just open for breakfast, this menu could finally be put to its highest and best use.

BOTTOM LINE: Clever hot dogs for hip people.

Originally Published in March 2010

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