Perfectly Polished: Keep Your Mani-Pedis Longer

Local experts Jane Park and Lisa Hahn of Julep Nail Parlor offer advice on how to curb your salon sp

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Sure, the economy is tight, but you want to look your best, right? We went to the city's foremost nail parlor, Julep, to ask owner Jane Park and lead vernisseur and innovation manager, Lisa Hahn for advice on how to get the most out of your favorite beauty treatments. Billed as the “cleanest and greenest” mani/pedi around, Julep is known for using non-toxic polishes and products that are applied with sterile tools in several oh-so-stylish locations. With manicures starting at $28 a pop, services at Julep aren't cheap, but definitely worth the investment.

Seattle Mag:
What’s new in your salons? 

Jane: This spring we’re offering our guests a way to get away without going away with our "Staycation Special," which includes a manicure and pedicure featuring Julep’s tropical Quench pomegranate ultra-hydrating moisturizer as well as a tropical umbrella drink (a Mike’s Hard “Mike-a-rita”) all for just $52.  We wanted to offer busy women a unique way to take a break and pamper themselves.

We’ve also just launched our new organic facials featuring the Om Aroma line (recently featured in Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style).  We love this line because it uses natural, organic ingredients such as chamomile, white truffle extract, red raspberry, watermelon seed, lavender and a handful of vitamin-packed oils.  It turns out that nature is powerful – we are also excited about this line because guest notice immediate results in their skin.

What are the enemies of a long-lasting manicure? 

Dishes!! But since we can’t avoid them, it’s important to protect your hands.  Water and harsh chemicals/cleansers are your manicure’s biggest enemies, so be sure to wear your gloves.  A little less glamorous at the sink, but you’re hands will look a lot more glamorous for weeks.

Can you offer any tips for extending the life of a mani/pedi? 

Yes! If I had my way, all of my clients would apply cuticle oil to their nails (and surrounding area) at least once a day, sometimes even twice. This not only keeps your cuticles looking healthy and hydrated, but it also keeps your nails and layers of polish more pliable.  A lot of people don’t realize how much cuticle oil enhances the flexibility of your nail and your polish.  Cuticle oil is also important on toes – so that a stubbed toe doesn’t have to mean a broken nail.  Our Julep Essential Cuticle Oil comes in a convenient roller-ball so you can apply it while you’re on the phone, sitting in traffic, or at your desk.

The other critical step is remembering to apply a fresh layer of top coat every couple of days.   It’s important to apply it to the entire nail plate, especially “wrapping the free edge” (the very tip of your nail where all of your chipping tends to start).

With so many of us watching our wallets, what beauty treatments offer the most bang for your buck? 
I love trying out the latest colors from the runway in my pedicures.  Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, you can experiment with the season’s latest colors for much less.  It’s the most affordable accessory!  And for me, it’s always worth it to upgrade to more indulgent services with longer lasting results like our Parlor Pedicure.  Since you get to take home the polish for free, and touch-ups are complimentary for three weeks, it’s a great way to stretch what’s in your wallet.

If you had $100 to spend on day of beauty what treatments would be on your m