Sarah Rudinoff to Debut Solo Show at NW New Works Festival

Nancy Guppy Gets steep with local actor/writer/singer Sarah Rudinoff
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Sarah Rudinoff and Nancy Guppy

Best known for her powerful pipes (which she’s employed playing a wicked stepsister in the musical Cinderella, singing the national anthem before Seahawks games and in many other roles), Sarah Rudinoff also possesses major acting chops and an electrifying stage presence (Torso at Theater Off Jackson; The Clay Duke at On the Boards). This month, she goes it alone with a funny new solo show, Is This Real Life?, which she’ll premiere as part of the NW New Works Festival. 6/6–6/8.

LOCATION: Remedy Tea on Capitol Hill
SARAH’S ORDER: Cherry amaretto rooibos tea

NG: Why don’t you drink caffeine?
SR: I don’t need it. I’m already turned up to 11.

NG: You’re an actor/writer/singer. Do you consider yourself a triple threat?
SR: If it was 50 or 60 years ago, I’d be an “entertainer,” and that would sort of
encompass it all.

NG: Is This Real Life? is your fourth one-woman show. Do you think one needs to be a bit of narcissist to do solo theater?
SR: Yes! I think a lot of actors and performers don’t go there because it’s too painful to see themselves as someone who needs that much attention.

NG: How would you describe Is This Real Life? to a 5-year-old?
SR: It’s me exploring what is reality and what is pretending, and asking, “Is one better than the other and is one more true than the other?”

NG: Do you prepare differently for a one-person show versus being part of an ensemble?
SR: I think so. When it’s your own words, you’re not coming to the text and reading it 10 or 12 times to get to know and understand where the beats are. It’s already in your voice.

NG: Fundamentally, what drives you?
SR: I think being seen. Really being seen and understood. And seeing other people.  

NG: What matters?
SR: In my late 30s and early 40s, I stopped longing after Los Angeles or New York and really settled into where I am. So, the moment matters, being present matters, and the people I’m connected to in my private life matter.

NG: What’s your biggest fear?
SR: Not getting to everything I want to do in my time on the planet.

NG: If you could redo a moment or a time in your life, what would it be?
SR: I wouldn’t have left a club where this cute French guy and I were having this amazing conversation.

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