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We dream up a few Mariners night promotions of our own

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After a decent 2009 and promising off-season trades, the Mariners begin their 2010 campaign with genuine we-might-actually-be-good optimism. And even if things don’t quite pan out (ahem), the team has a full slate of promotions designed to lure fans through the turnstiles. Last year brought Singles Night, Knitting Night and the enviro-thriller, Reusable Grocery Bag Day. This year promises M’s Beach Towel Night and Girls Night Out (including manicure stations!). But just in case M’s fans need a few extra enticements, we have some suggestions.

Rick Rizzs Rug Night: Commentator Rick Rizzs celebrates his 25th anniversary with the M’s broadcasting team this year; the M’s give a nod to his mysteriously luscious locks by handing out free toupees to the first 1,000 fans in the door.

Plastic Spoon Day: Inspired by last season’s Reusable Grocery Bag Day, the team gives away more items you usually get free at the grocery store! Stay tuned for Napkin and Ketchup Packet Night.

Nancy Pearl Bobblehead Night: Seattle’s most lauded librarian has already made for an excellent action figure, and now she’s back in bobblehead form to help drag word nerds away from their books and into the stands.

Pets Run the Bases:
BYO dogs, cats and rodents, and let ’em loose on the field. Extra points for pets outfitted in M’s caps! *Due to turf concerns, please leave ruminants at home—yes, even moose.