Scoop: Olympic Effort

What the 2014 games might look like if Seattle had a say

Category: teaser headlines


Ever since we heard the recent news that Bikram yoga was gunning to become an Olympic sport (pose harder! faster! sweatier!), we’ve been thinking about other local endeavors that deserve their time to shine under the five rings. Ours may be a particularly Northwestern list, but given the bid for competitive yoga (and the remarkable staying power of rhythmic gymnastics), we remain hopeful that these sports—already popular with locals—might make the grade, allowing Seattle competitors to dominate the 2014 Games.

Found Object Urban Luge
Use street savvy to find the perfect makeshift sled (our faves: garbage can lids, air mattresses, a horizontal ad popped off the side of a bus) and careen down the street before the snow melts.

Viaduct Dodge
Competitors must run under the length of it, evading falling concrete, then drive the return distance before it collapses (or before another vote on what to do with it).

Standing Puddle Jump
Athletes, sporting cute yet clumsy rubber boots, attempt to clear ever larger pools of rain spreading across a sidewalk in a single bound. Our only competition? The UK team.

Bike/Text Race
Combining two Northwest faves (cycling and cyberspace), teams traverse the city on two wheels whilst competing to send the most legible text messages.

Gor-Tex Hood Navigation
Who’s best at getting through an obstacle course with vision almost entirely obscured by a giant, dripping hood? Bonus points for safely avoiding the SLUT’s path.