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Thanks (actually, no thanks) to this year

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Thanks (actually, no thanks) to this year’s countless layoffs, many Seattleites are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands

Thanks (actually, no thanks) to this year's countless layoffs, many Seattleites are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands—and consequently going stir-crazy. Those job offers will eventually come, but until they do, you can put that free time to good use by pursuing an interest you’ve always harbored. We know President Obama will approve (see his call to “Renew America Together”:, and with any luck, your good deed might just help you find the job you always dreamed of.

Seattle Art Museum SAMbassador

Try this if... Back at the office, your legal-pad doodles were works of art
What you'll do Serve as a welcoming face to visitors, answering questions about our city’s largest art museum
Perks Surrounded by works of art, you may be inspired to follow Picasso’s lead

Woodland Park Zoo Family Farm Volunteer
Try this if... You could never resist bringing your dog to work (and were working on a way to bring your cat, too)
What you'll do Introducing young zoo visitors to friendly farm animals, such as goats, chickens and pigs
Perks Feed your inner farmer without having to actually own a goat, chicken or pig

Seattle Parks Trail Maintenance Volunteer
Try this if... Rain or shine, you always took your lunch breaks outdoors
What you'll do Meet once a week for work parties (or “grubbing”) to trim bushes, pull weeds and haul rocks, keeping trails clear for grateful Seattleites
Perks Your arms will soon look like Michelle Obama’s—without ever going to the gym

Seattle Opera Supernumerary
Try this if... At the office holiday party, you were the one who leapt onto the conference table to belt out a tune
What you'll do Get onstage during rehearsals and performances in a nonspeaking role (like a movie extra). There’s a long waiting list for ladies, so guys, this is your big break!
Perks It could be the closest you get to Wagner’s Ring cycle—just don’t flip out and go Gollum

Cascade Bicycle Club Trips for Kids Volunteer
Try this if... Your daily commute was made with two wheels and massive leg power
What you'll do
Take kids from local youth organizations on three- and four-hour mountain bike adventures
Hitting the trails with a crew of 10- to 17-year-olds, will make you feel like a kid again

Northwest Harvest Volunteer
Try this if... You were the first one to come through with a donation when a cubemate left his lunch at home
What you'll do
Pack and sort at the Distribution Center or hand out food at the Cherry Street Food Ba