Scoop: Pearl Jam Stages a Grunge Revival

Pearl Jam stages a grunge revival with a totally rockin

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While some hipper-than-thou Seattleites scorn our city’s grunge legacy, others (ahem) choose to wear it as a flannel badge of pride. Those of us in the latter category couldn’t be more stoked that this month our beloved Pearl Jam is releasing a remastered, remixed, redesigned version of their seminal, completely awesome album, Ten. Originally released in 1991, the CD sold 12 million copies, skyrocketed the band to fame and inspired the deliberate ripping of countless pairs of Levis. With megahits like “Jeremy,” “Alive” and “Even Flow,” it’s hard to believe this was the Seattle band’s debut. The new version comes in four separate editions (vinyl, “Legacy,” “Deluxe” and “Super Deluxe,” $25–$200), all of which include both the original track listing and an accompanying version in which the songs have been deconstructed and remixed from scratch by producer Brendan O’Brien. Did we mention that the Super Deluxe edition includes a replica of the band’s original cassette demo tape? We are crowd-surfing on air.

Available 3/24. Visit for full descriptions of all editions.